What is Ecchymosis?

Eccyhmosis is indicated by a reddish or pale blue staining of the skin that is suddenly brought about by a medicinal condition.

The onset of reddish or pale blue staining of the skin is because of the leakage of blood from burst veins into the vessels. It is a subcutaneous purpura with a diameter of 1cm and is different from a wound.

Ecchymosis is a level of hematoma that is bigger than 10mm or more than 1cm in width. It is an extravasation of blood in the thin layer of the skin that happened because of a crack inside the vein bringing about the blood to spill into the layer of the skin.

It is sometimes considered same as a wound however the two are very different. The wound is a blood spilling into the thin layer of the skin as an aftereffect of trauma while ecchymosis happened suddenly as a result of a therapeutic condition.

What are the main indications of Ecchymosis?

Ecchymosis does not have many side effects to show. However, the side effects that may be exhibited are due to the medical condition that is responsible for the incidence of Ecchymosis.
The general indications of ecchymosis are given below: 

  • Beginning of skin staining that is reddish or purplish.
  • Presence of pain on the affected area. But in some cases, individuals may not experience any kind of pain.
  • Swelling of the unaffected skin surrounding the site of ecchymosis.

What are the main causes of Ecchymosis? 

Ecchymosis is not a fatal disorder and is usually safe. The onset of ecchymosis can be a mild inflammatory reaction of the body or can be a more difficult medical problem.

Ecchymosis is majorly the consequence of blunt injury that made the veins crack and ooze into the thin layer of the skin without a cut or any break in the skin to permit the blood to leave the skin surface. The accumulation of blood inside the skin layers causes the red or purplish staining of the skin.


What is the treatment for the problem of Ecchymosis?

Ecchymosis can be easily and effectively treated at home using homemade remedies. But in case home treatment proves to be ineffective, seek medical help from your physician immediately.

Treatment of ecchymosis are given below:

  • Elevation of the affected site can help in decreasing the irritation
  • Pain relievers, for example, ibuprofen
  • Rest
  • Ice application

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